As the next Hinds County Sheriff, I will:

  • Immediately enact procedures to ensure qualified staffing, safe facilities, and appropriate inmate services are in place at the Hinds County Detention Center in compliance with the federal consent decree.
  • Expand the capacity of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office by hiring and training additional deputies for patrol, the jail and community engagement. Our focus will be on meeting the specific goals set forth by the federal consent decree.
  • Collaborate with local, state and federal law enforcement entities to target and apprehend career criminals and high-profile offenders in an effort to drastically reduce crime.
  • Reduce the number of individuals being incarcerated by utilizing a collective impact model to engage stakeholders to provide community-based services to low-risk offenders as alternatives to confinement.
  • Support Hinds County residents as they take ownership of their neighborhoods through the “Block on Lock” program, which will include specialized patrol units, civilian trainings, a partnership council, and monthly forums to promote community policing.
  • Establish programs that provide alternatives to detention and increased youth and police engagement to prevent juvenile delinquency.

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